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What is ExtruWiz?

ExtruWiz is a software program that enables 33 fast calculations of different extrusion and flexible packaging equations for Windows & Macintosh based platforms.

The software allows engineers, operators, sales people and others a series of calculations like: weight, yield, price per area, production rate, roll diameter, etc. It also has a complete troubleshooting chart for extrusion as well as a database of over 1,100 definitions of plastics and flexible packaging related terms.

Runs on Windows and Macintosh. It works inEnglish and Spanish as well as standard and metric.

ExtruWiz is now available for Download from this site at no charge for a 15-day trial period or on a CD for purchasing.

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Using ExtruWiz

ExtruWiz is very simple to use, all that has to be done is turn on your computer, select the ExtruWiz icon, once done you will allowed to select the language of your choice, after which, a screen appears where you can select the Wizard, Troubleshooting, Acronyms or Glossary. Whichever you select it will guide you to use the one of your choice and all of them are friendly user.

What are the ExtruWiz Tools?

A wizard that solves 33 of the most common requests for information in the plastics and flexible packaging industry.

A troubleshooting table of common symptoms, causes and solutions found in cast and blown extrusions and co-extrusion.

A database with over 1,100 terms and definitions (glossary and acronyms) related to the industry

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The If we can be of any assistance with the operation of ExtruWiz, or have any questions regarding the application, please contact us.






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