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What is the Cost Tool?

A useful tool that allows users to calculate cost of multilayer structures by simply inputting into required fields the information of raw materials (resins) or films used in these; when using ExtruWiz for the first time, you can create a database of materials, in which the basic information required for costing will be saved for future us, these are name (code), price, gauge and density. Once this information is entered into the database, they can be selected and/or changed for future use.

When entering the information of materials, these can be combined in as to price per lb, kg, MSI, mt2, lf, etc; gauge can be entered either in microns or mils.

Once a structure is created within the database, it can be selected by code or by individual materials, after a structure is retrieved as individual materials or as a structure, the information of cost will be displayed with all required information, as material name, selected unit price, gauge, density, raw material cost, MSI or mt2 cost, yield in pounds or kilograms, MSI weight, grams, % of layer by weight and volume, all this information is displayed by individual layers as well as by the total of the structure.




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